Vintage Bus Timetable for Aldeburgh Independents’ Day

Have you heard about Aldeburgh Independents’ Day?  Well it is only the most amazing celebration of Aldeburgh’s Independent Shops EVER.  For more information visit the AldeburghSuffolk website.  There will be lots of special offers and even a vintage bus called Ermintrude! Here is the timetable,

The route goes from Fort Green to outside The Suffolk (152). 

09.30 from Fort Green
10.00 from Fort Green
10.30 from Fort Green
11.00 from Fort Green
11.30 from Fort Green
12.00 from Fort Green

1.30  from Fort Green
2.00 from Fort Green
2.30 from Fort Green
3.00 from Fort Green
3.30 from Fort Green
4.00 from Fort Green
4.30 from Fort Green – last run of the day arriving at The Suffolk just before 5pm.

The route takes about 20-25 minutes.

Here is a list of the stops,

Start point is Fort Green
Stop 1:  outside Regatta Restaurant
Stop 2:  outside the cinema
Stop 3:  Victoria Road, on the corner of Alde House Drive
Stop 4:  Saxmundham Road Co-op
Stop 5:  Fairfield Centre
Stop 6:  Franklin Road lay by – beside the BT phone box
Stop 7:  Saxmundham Road – Aldeburgh Brickworks
Stop 8:  Linden Road – at entrance to Silver Drive
Stop 9:  Bottom of Linden Road opposite Linden Close
Stop 10:Leiston Road – outside Aldeburgh Police Station Bus into Church Farm
Stop 11:Barleylands – adjacent to Parson’s Field
Stop 12:Cable Lane
Stop 13:Church Farm Road – by entrance to Church Farm Holiday Park
Stop 14:Outside White Lion
Stop 15:Outside Jubilee Hall
Stop 16:Outside The Suffolk (152)
then back to Fort Green

Everyone can get involved in this fabulous event – why not bring your children after school and catch the 3.30pm bus in.  There will be fun balloons, music and lots of sweets and ice creams to enjoy!!

For more information on this event please click here.


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